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Goodnites Disposable Bed Mats – A Super Absorbent Technology

Rest easy tonight with GoodNites Recycled Bed Mats. GoodNites is the leading manufacturer of disposable bed linens. GoodNites bed mats help guard sheets from mattress spillage at night by using Micro Pocket Technology. These bed wetting mats are constructed of a lightweight, quiet solid material, with an anti-spill barrier and leak-resistant core.

GoodNites bedwetting mats measure 2.4 inches thick and fit across the top of your twin-size bed. Each mat includes a snap closure in the shape of an X. This snap allows the mattress to be folded flat when not in use. The liners can be placed directly on the surface of your bed without fear of them rolling off or getting stuck. These pads allow you to have protection against mattress spillage while allowing sheets to stay in place.

If you have ever had a nightmare of how much laundry you would need to do to get out of bed the night before, you will appreciate Goodnight Disposable Bedding Mats. The easy-to-clean liner material is designed to help keep sheets clean and dry throughout the night. Using Goodnight mats will help keep you comfortable, refreshed, and ready for your next full night’s sleep! A trusted nighttime protection, Goodnight’s waterproof material prevents the sheets from getting wet and stained, but won’t prevent them from absorbing all of the spilled milk, juice, or other dairy products that happen to get dropped, misplaced, or splashed onto your bed. You still need to wash them up!

Many parents turn to the wonderful world of Goodnites Disposable Bed Mats for their children’s bedding. For many parents, having clean sheets every night is more important than the comfort of their child. Having a product to help keep their kids rest easy during the night makes all the difference in the world to these parents. Whether you have a young child with a milk allergy or simply want to make sure that you and your baby have a comfortable night’s sleep, Goodnite makes the best bedding for your children!

The waterproof, slip-resistant, breathable core of these bed mats will keep your child’s mattress clean, and fresh, even after multiple washings. The bedwetting protection keeps sheets from getting tooiled, and the leak resistant barrier prevents any liquid from seeping through to your bed. Goodnites Disposable Bed Mats are also available in a variety of colors to help match your decor.

These Goodnite bed mats measure just 2.4 inches wide and your little one can have fun jumping and climbing on them. They are machine washable so there is no worry about doing this yourself. You simply toss the mat in the washer, lay it out to dry and then return it to the children’s room. These pads are safe on most surfaces with no worries of them leaving behind an oily residue or smudges on your bed sheets. This product is also safe for use around small children who may be tempted to play around the mattress as they are falling asleep.

Goodnites Disposable Bed Mats are a terrific alternative to plastic liners that sometimes leave indentations in your linens. Plastic liners, when laid on a wood frame, can create unsightly “muds” that are impossible to get rid of. Micro-pocketing technology used by Goodnites allows you to get rid of those “muds” without having to discard the entire sheet. Simply deflate the bed mats to form a “pen” shape, pull it out, and start taping away! Your mattress will be protected from future bed wetting problems and you will sleep like a baby again.

No matter what type of surface you have to deal with, Goodnite products can help you eliminate that frustration and keep your home quieter for everyone in the home. If you have a baby or a young child who is suffering from an incontinence issue, Goodnite offers disposable bed liners, protective incontinence mat pads, and more. These simple to use, super absorbent technology products offer a peaceful nights sleep no matter what.

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