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Rectorseal 97632 SafeTSwitch Ss1

A Brief Overview of the Rectorseal 97632 SafeTSwitch Ss1 Pressure Switches

The Rectorseal 97632 SafeTSwitch is the perfect unit to use to raise and lower the water pressure. This particular device works much in the same way as a float switch or a simple pressure switch. In order for the water pump to work, it must be turned on. Once turned on, the pump begins pumping water. This is done by activating the float switch.

The concept of using a float switch, or a Johnson pump, is relatively simple. If you have ever left a light on in a room, you would realize that there are often times when it does not look quite as bright as before. However, if you then leave the light off for some time, you will notice that the light will come back on. In this way, you are able to regulate the amount of light that your home’s water level needs at any given time.

These switches work on the same principle. In essence, the floats in these units are used to regulate either the on or off state of the device. As you probably know, multi point or low alarm warning switches work on a single point basis. This means that the alarm simply turns on and off. A multi point or low alarm switch will generally allow you to quickly and easily locate the key areas in the home where leaks are most likely to occur.

The electronic water pump pressure relief switch, or EZ Pump, on the SafeTSwitch is comprised of an electro magnetic switch and a water level indicator. The magnetic switch is what actually causes the alarm to sound. It can be powered either from the wall socket or batteries. When the magnetic switch is powered, it allows the user to locate the leak. If the leak cannot be located by this means, then the device automatically relocates itself back to the surface of the water table.

The rectification and protection circuits of the EZ Pump make sure that no undesired voltage is introduced into the home. A miniature magnetic water flow switch allows the home owner to select various options depending upon the location of the leak. If a particular location does not have enough water in order to allow the magnetic drive to work, the switch is manually commanded to turn off temporarily. This also helps to conserve energy that would otherwise be used when the unit was operating.

As with any electrical device, there are some safety precautions to consider whenever installing a water pump and the Rectorseal 97632 SafeTSwitch Ss1. It is important that all installation be completed by qualified technicians. Some of the most common problems associated with electronic water pumps involve problems with the float switch wiring, the EZ valve assembly, or other components.

Electrical power is required to operate the mini magnetic water pump flow switch. Never install the Rectorseal 97632 SafeTSwitch Ss1 without the proper electrical wiring. It is extremely important to never plug a device into a circuit without using the correct wires. Doing so can result in disastrous consequences and certainly void its warranty.

Magnetic drives can be installed into a wide variety of residential and commercial applications. Many models come with variable settings for fan speed, temperature, and pressure. Water pumps can function more efficiently when they have a reliable source of electrical power. Some models offer an adjustable magnetic drive along with a mini control switch for additional control. If you are considering purchasing a portable magnetic drive unit, make sure that it comes with a mini control.

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