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How To Store Your Favorite Wine At Home

The beautiful modernistic design of the Kamenstein Butterfly Wine Rack blends easily with any home decor. Store up to eight glasses of your favourite wine in this contemporary and stylish wine rack. Each glass is stored neatly in its own separate compartment, keeping the corks dry so that your wine remains fresh for longer. The top of the wine rack is crafted from sturdy wood with wire framework and black lacquered finish. Perfectly suitable for a kitchen or bar, this stylish wine rack makes an excellent addition to any kitchen or home room.

This innovative and stylish wine rack makes it easy to display all of your favourite bottles without any worry about them being exposed to air, light, or temperature change. The front of the frame is designed to fit most standard cabinets and countertops, with eight separate compartments to store up to eight bottles. The back of the frame features two doors, one on each side. These doors open to reveal eight separate compartments, each with a pull-out tap for easy access to your favorite bottles. The hinged cover provides secure closure and easy cleaning, while the sloped surface provides a smooth slip surface when you open the door.

This elegant, stylish, and practical wine rack made by Kamenstein is perfectly sized to accommodate single bottles or double bottles. It is created from wood, which is extremely durable and resistant to warping. You will find no hesitation in displaying your most loved bottles, as these racks are made to last a lifetime. Your wine collection will be protected from humidity, dust, and direct sunlight, which are a huge problem with most wooden wine racks. The included adjustable height makes it easy to get the perfect fit for all of your bottles, so that every bottle can be displayed to its fullest potential.

One of the main selling points of the Kamenstein butterfly wine rack series is the fact that it allows for the proper storage of all of your favorite wines without any concerns about cork exposure. The entire system is made out of wood, so you are sure that your beautiful wine collection is going to be well protected and displayed properly, just like it should be. It comes equipped with four separate compartments that all have their own pull-out tap for easy access to your favorite bottles. You also have the option of adjusting the height of the rack to keep all eight bottles at the perfect level, which allows you to easily choose which ones you would like to display on your shelf.

One of the best parts of the Kamenstein butterfly wine rack series is the fact that it comes with four removable shelves. Each shelf features a wire rack that allows for easy wine bottle retrieval and helps to keep your collection organized. Additionally, there are also built-in hooks located on each side of each shelf that allow you to hang your wine glasses upright to help them stay clean and free of dust. All four of the shelves have the option of being flip up to easily access the newest bottles on the market as you unpack them, or you can opt for the more traditional flat top style which will keep your favorite wines at the perfect level on all sides. Either way, the convenience of being able to conveniently access all of your favorite bottles is definitely a plus.

All of the unique design features of the Kamenstein contemporary wine racks allow you to keep your bottles in great shape and keep them in one place, ready to be enjoyed whenever they are needed. No matter what type of container you store your bottles in, your favorite wine is going to taste better when it is stored in an attractive metal container with a sturdy base. As long as the bottle is kept out of direct sunlight or placed in an area where it will not be damaged by temperature changes, your favorite wine is going to taste its best.

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