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Wireless Home Security Camera Systems

The Denso 5500 Brotherhood is a state of the art wireless home security camera system that offers great ease of use. It is made up of a compact, lightweight and portable body. It is equipped with an easy to operate control key pad and two high quality DVR channels. It is a reliable solution for day to day monitoring in homes and commercial buildings.

The Denso wireless home security camera is perfect for day to day monitoring. The camera has a clear view of the area it is installed in, so you can concentrate on your real business and not have to worry about whether or not your employees are performing their duties. The camera is also easy to install, which eliminates the need to have any type of complicated wiring. The camera itself is equipped with a rechargeable lithium ion battery, so the camera will operate continuously for one full year without having to be charged. This gives the customer a good deal of peace of mind knowing that their camera is always working.

When it comes to recording, the Denso 5500 Brotherhood is equipped with two high-definition DVR recorders. There are two transmission channels to choose from, one of them allows motion detection recording while the other only records video. You can choose which one you prefer.

With the Denso 5500 Brotherhood, you can monitor all entrances, windows and doors. It is a simple security camera system that provides all of the capabilities you would expect from a high end wireless home security camera. It is fully programmable so that you can record to a VCR or DVD disc or you can save the images directly to your computer. The Denso can be controlled via a wireless remote. There is no need for wiring, making this an ideal wireless home security camera solution.

The Denso 550020439 can be connected to the Internet via a wireless router. This wireless connection is possible because it has built in Wi-Fi. This makes for easy connectivity for the camera to any wireless enabled computers. When you have an Internet connection, there is no need to worry about the area being too dark or if there are any objects blocking the view of the camera. It has a clear and unobstructed viewing range. The infrared illuminates the area so you can see everything clearly.

In order to get the most from the security camera system you have purchased, the Denso 550020439 should be connected to a computer with an operating system that supports the wireless network. Some of the popular operating systems are Windows Vista, XP, Mac OS X or Novell Netware. This will allow your wireless home security camera system to work effectively in your home. You should check with your local telephone company to find out if your connection is properly connected.

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