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Best Deals on the Apple iPhone XS Max

The new Apple iPhone XS Max is the biggest change to Apple’s iPhone range yet. It’s bigger, it’s better, it’s more versatile – but how does it compare to Apple’s past smartphones? Well, let’s start off with the hardware. An all-new faceID sensor. Even quicker than the iPhone X’s home button, which makes it easier to unlock your phone with your face.

And a revolutionary dual Camera system. Taking iPhone XS apart, you can see there’s quite a few differences. Apart from the fact you can now take photos, shoot video, make calls and browse the internet, there’s also a fingerprint sensor and pressure sensitive glass on the home button. Put those together, and you end up with a phone that’s bigger, faster, tougher and definitely more versatile.

Apple iPhone XS Max vs Android phones Like most other smartphone devices, the iPhone XS Max has a single main Home button. But it doesn’t just press this one button to get access to all of your apps. Instead, you have to press several buttons including double-tap to open Maps, long-press to bring up Control Panel, and long-press again to switch between apps. That’s not the case with other Android phones.

There are two buttons to get you out of any app, but you also have to squeeze in a couple of other ones if you want to go somewhere else. This creates a bit of fiddling about when using your phone. You can’t use a pinch-to-zoom if you want to zoom in on an image, for example, unless you squeeze in one of the buttons first. You may find this annoying at first. But after a while you’ll get used to it.

One of the best examples of this is how you can easily change from one application to another. You could imagine how much more frustrating it would be to get on a social networking site, load up your email, and then to find out that you can’t see anyone because they’re all switched off. When you touch the screen to open the app, you don’t get to see the animation or the pop-up blocker that might keep you from seeing who’s calling. You just get to see what you’re looking at. It’s frustrating.

Luckily, there are other features on the iPhone XS Max that can help make life easier. One of these is a double-tap power to turn off the phone. This is a great feature for someone who works on the phone all day long, especially if they have a huge list of contacts to deal with.

The keyboard on this phone is easy to use as well. Even people who are less technically inclined will get a good grip on it. The large landscape-orientation keys are very comfortable to type on, and the overall build quality of the phone is great. The glass front lets in plenty of sunlight, so you get a bright screen to read on even in the brightest of conditions.

One thing about the iPhone XS Max that irks some users is the way it looks. At first, it looks like an iPhone but then it becomes apparent that it’s not. The home button is just below the screen, instead of being on the top where it should be. These are minor nitpicks, however, and the phone functions well.

You can buy the iPhone XS Max from any place where iPhone devices are sold. There’s no specific model name out there anymore, so you won’t get confused when trying to pick one out. You should be able to find the models offered by AT&T, or another major wireless carrier, at any store selling cell phones.

You should know that the iPhone XS Max is protected by a two-year warranty. It also comes with two years of free Apple Care that covers anything that goes wrong with your phone. That’s not it though. The phone also comes with a three-month free subscription to any of Apple’s apps, and you’ll get a free T-shirt when you register for the service.

These are really great deals for anyone who wants an iPhone but cannot quite afford the price tag. They are offered exclusively in the United States, which is just about all the territory that Apple takes care of. This means that you will not be able to get one here if you don’t live in the States. If you do happen to live in the States though, you should still have no problem finding the iPhone XS Max so that you can get all the features that you want for a very affordable price.

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