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August Connect WiFi Bridge – Security Without Convenience

The August Connect WiFi Bridge is a new feature that connects your home wireless network to your modem to allow for convenient, continuous internet connection. Operate the easy-to-use, smart locking bridge from your laptop, netbook, or smartphone to remotely lock and unlock your home with the convenience of the internet. Simply download the free August apps to remotely control your lock, control who can access your home, and track usage from your phone or tablet.

With this new feature, users have an easier time when entering and exiting their homes. They no longer need to enter their pin numbers to arm and disarm the system. With the easy to operate, secure, and free August Smart Lock setup, people can sign on to the internet any time they choose, even while they are away from home. The free August Connect WiFi Bridge automatically connects to the internet when plugged into the nearest Wifi hotspot. Simply use your regular laptop or smartphone to arm and disarm your August Smart Lock, and log on from anywhere in the world.

This smart lock remotely connects to the internet (with your username and password) so you can easily access your home without having to type in a pin number. If you are at work or shopping or anywhere you are not at home, simply arm your lock, make any necessary adjustments, and you can log onto your home network from any computer with internet access. You can change your password as many times as you like between now and the date of your warranty. If you need to arm or disarm your home network, you do not have to enter a new pin number each time. You can do it any number of times whenever you want, whenever you have internet access, and even if you travel between locations-perfect for those who like to go out of town on business trips, but still need to be able to arm their home network from any computer.

The August Smart Pro can be used as a bridge between wireless enabled cell phones (GSM, CDMA, GPRS) and the internet (depending on your selected service provider). The August Connect WiFi Bridge automatically detects which devices to connect to, and which ones to turn off. Once armed, you can log on to the website of your choice and arm your smart phone or portable security device with ease. No more turning on individual devices, searching for one that will connect first, and then pairing it with the Internet device. The August Connect WiFi Bridge does all this for you. It even sets up an automatic transfer of the connection details to your laptop or smartphone when you turn it on.

The August Smart Pro is also ideal for home, car, or even office use, thanks to its multi-functional purposes. You can use it to add an extra layer of security for your garage door with its touch pad remote access feature. Simply place the transmitter near the opener and activate the transmitter, and you are done. The device automatically searches for a suitable Wi-Fi hot spot and connects with it. You can use the same wireless network for other devices in your house or car, and once your wireless network has been established, you can allow guests to enter these rooms via the touch pad remote access. That’s not all: with a couple of simple button presses, you can turn off or turn on your lights from anywhere in the house or car.

While the August Connect WiFi Bridge offers a lot of convenience, it also comes with a few downsides. While it is quite easy to arm and disarm the wireless device, this feature can prove to be inconvenient when you have to exit or enter a room. This may be inconvenient when you want to leave quickly to go on an errand, but you can’t do it if your unlocked door suddenly gets opened by a guest. Also, the touch pad remote access feature does require a recharge, but you get a lifetime warranty for the product so it shouldn’t pose a problem for you to buy a new transmitter every now and then. In short, the August Smart Lock complements any home security system in that it offers multiple functions without compromising convenience.

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