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How to Use the Vitamix Accelerator/Tamper Tool

In a nut shell, the Vitamix Tamper Tool can be considered a miniature blender. It has a wand with two sharpened ends, which can be used to easily and precisely grind up fruits and vegetables. The Tamper Tool is extremely helpful when one wants to speed up one’s cooking or baking. Even a food processor can benefit from the Speed Trigger feature. Vitamix replacement parts such as Tamper Tools will help ensure that your product lasts longer.

If you’re thinking about buying a Vitamix Tamper, it may be because you’re looking for a way to speed up your cooking or baking. Tampering with food takes time. For those who have tried to make bread or other things from scratch in a regular kitchen setting, you’ll know how much prep time is required. Vitamix Tamper Tool, used with the Vitamix Accelerator, allows for easy processing of dense, thick ingredients which would otherwise bring your other appliances to a complete standstill. For those who use the Vitamix Accelerator/Tamper Tool with standard 64-ounce containers, or the new low-profile 64-ounce containers found on both the Vitamix Pro 300 and Vitamix Pro 750, will find that this little appliance is very helpful. Instead of standing over a bowl or pan, chopping vegetables or preparing a dessert, it’s so much quicker using the Vitamix Tamper as opposed to standing there, preparing the food.

While there are many brands and models of these little blenders, the original Vitamix brand and its brand-new Tamper tool are probably best suited to the average homemaker or chef. With its stainless steel design and its water-resistant stainless steel exterior, this vitamix blender is something every kitchen should have in order to speed up the process of preparing food. The Tamper will allow for even distribution of the weight, so it won’t take up too much counter or table space. In fact, this little vitamix blender may actually increase productivity in the kitchen since it can actually help you get a more thorough chopping or blending job done.

The Vitamix Accelerator/ Tamper Tool series is actually designed for two specific situations. The first situation is to speed up the actual cooking or baking process. Since it has a motorized Adjustment Stick, the accelerator/tamper tool can adjust its speed at the flip of a switch. When you are finished processing dense ingredients, the Tamper Tool’s motor will slowly decrease the speed until you have returned to a steady pace.

The second situation where this product comes in handy is when you need to blend small amounts of powdered material. Since you won’t be using a large (or heavy duty) cupboard for the job, the vitamin professional series comes in handy for this use. Simply put the thin bladed screwdriver on the handle of your vitamin, turn it, and start blending. The powerful motor will keep your blend consistent no matter how dense or thin the material may be. Once you are done, simply release the screwdriver and your vitamix will be cooled down and your powder will be safely stored away.

There are plenty of reviews online for this product, and you can read them for yourself. Keep in mind that each person will have their own unique experience with these products. That is why it is best to read as many reviews as you can so that you can get an idea of what other people have said about the vitamins Tamper Tool. In particular, those who are reviewing it for sale should be able to tell you if the tamper case is easy to remove, if the lid is sturdy, if there is enough space to mix the powder, etc. If the product didn’t work right for them, then it will probably not work right for you either.

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