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The L 1430p Generator Plug

A high quality, fully automatic, fully-integrated, rugged and fully-serviceable L1430P Generator is easy to install, maintain, repair and upgrade, while providing safe electrical service. Generators are available from a variety of manufacturers such as Watts, Safeguard and Generac, with many models offered in a range of voltage and power requirements. All models share a common platform that includes four “prong” plugs and a single “umbrella” outlet for grounding. Models may be equipped with a thermostatic controller, variable speed controls, or both.

The L1430P is designed to handle larger commercial loads than other single plug and play units; a unique feature. The L1430P’s unique ability to scale up to larger output powers is accomplished by allowing the user to adjust the setting on the unit to adjust its maximum power capacity (in horsepower) per input. There are two settings: maximum output or maximum input. Output power is equal to the maximum input power; this will give a maximum performance rating but will not allow a dangerous overload that could result in an explosion.

A single prong plug assembly provides the electrical power needed to operate a generator. Each pole has six terminals on the outside – four terminal pins and one center pin. Each pole has an earth ground; the earth ground is always positive, but this will not prevent a short circuit in operation. As with all appliances and generators, there are precautions to follow and service tips to heed.

This type of generator draws a small amount of electricity from its battery bank before starting; this is to account for its slow start speed. Once the generator is running, it will draw less power as the hours pass. In fact, the power output will decrease steadily as the hours pass; this should be taken into account when using a pre-approved load chart provided with the unit. When the generator is shut down, a signal is sent to the control box to activate a key-off system. The key-off system automatically shuts down the generator, disconnects its power connection, and starts the draining of the battery bank.

The L 1430p contains a built-in precision voltage regulator. It controls the power output by adjusting the voltage between the + and – sides of the power transformer. It does this continuously without interrupting the input current. The constant regulation of the voltage ensures that the output is in line with the demand and does not fluctuate excessively.

Conventional units can become unstable if their input voltage exceeds the unit’s output voltage. This often results in the unit overheating and resulting in an explosion or fire. This type of overheating, however, is not a problem with the L 1430p unit. This is because the power supply is designed to shut down immediately in case of such a situation.

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