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Improve Your Garage’s Organizing Capabilities With the Hansen Global 5302 Wrench Rack

If you are looking for a good floor standing multi-purpose floor stand for your garage or shop, the Hansen Global 5302 Wrench Rack is probably the one to go for. It can hold various sizes of tools and is made of high quality steel. The rack comes with an easy-to-follow instructions manual. There are also many discount coupons available online that you can print and take with you when you make your purchase.

This rack has been designed for people who need to hang multiple objects on the wall while simultaneously using only one hand. It is perfect for those who work with small to medium sized tools. The patented design of the tool holder ensures that the surface of the tool and tools do not scrape or damage each other when you hang them on the frame.

You can store up to seven different types of tools in the Hansen Universal Express Knob Rack. You can use them according to the type of job you have at hand. The rack features interlocking design, which allows the platform to lock tightly against the wall. It does not damage the surface underneath, even when heavy tools are being used. When the unit is placed on top of the floor, it will stay in place, providing you with a solid and safe place for all your tools to stay in while working.

A major benefit of using the Hansen Universal Express Tool Rack as your garage or tool storage solution is that it can be used as a standard floor model. It is also available in a drop-in style, allowing you to quickly move it from one location to another. Since the unit is able to roll down flat when not in use, you do not need to worry about a flat surface or any other complication that may come along the way.

This particular tool rack is very convenient if you have a large number of tools that you need to store safely. Because the two sides of the unit are interlocking, you can use the left side to lock up, and the right side to free up the space underneath the left side. This will allow you to make room for future or easily accessible tools, keeping your garage or work shop well-organized and clutter-free.

One of the best aspects of the Hansen Universal Express Tool Rack is the ability to use it as a flat surface when not in use, which will save you valuable floor space in your garage or tool area. This tool rack will also keep your other tools such as hammers, wrenches, screwdrivers, and drill bits organized, making it easy to locate when you need them. The interlocking system of the Hansen Universal Express Tool Rack makes it easy to assemble, and since there are no walls or sides to crease or support, this product will last for many years without the strain of being pushed around on a flat surface. This tool rack will give you a superior tool storage solution and will increase the efficiency of your garage or workspace.

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