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Playing the Mirari Pop Piano

If you are a fan of Yamaha pianos, then you would definitely know about the Mirari Pop Piano. This is a great new invention by Yamaha that lets you play the piano from the comfort of your own home. It uses Wi-Fi to connect to a computer and download all the needed software so that you can play piano in your own home.

The most striking feature of this piano is that it can be used to play only familiar tunes without having to master them. Just point and click on the buttons and you will be able to play music from your favourite movies, TV series, or even your old songs. The instrument is very simple to handle. The keys of the piano respond in a very light manner and one touch is all that is needed to play the piano songs.

There is a very friendly interface present on the piano, which makes it very easy for anyone to learn to play. The piano looks very sleek and attractive with its flat, rectangular design. The beautiful sounds that it produces are also very soothing.

The Wi-Fi connectivity allows you to play piano in any place, anytime and anywhere. It works even when the computer is turned off. You do not have to drag the keyboard or the mouse to move the mouse to point and click. In fact, you can just point and click on the piano keys and it will automatically respond by playing the music without even turning on the sound card.

There are different models of the Yamaha Mirari Pop piano. There is the Professional model which has an enhanced sound system with one or two headphone speakers so that you can enjoy the music in its optimum level. Then there is the Beginner model which has less powerful sound so that beginners can also enjoy the music. There is also the Grand Master, which has eight voices and four octaves. It is priced reasonably so that even a common person can afford it.

The price ranges of the piano start from around $700 for the smallest ones to thousands for the largest ones. You can choose the one that suits your requirement and you will definitely be amazed by its performance. You can use it for your study, your official one or even for your home. It makes your work easy and convenient.

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